Brand new commission from BBC One – Getting the Builders In

Reef has been commissioned by BBC daytime to make a 15 x 45 factual entertainment series called 'Getting The Builders In'. This brand new format sees Britain’s builders going head-to-head pitching for jobs and bringing homeowners' design dreams to life.

We’ve all seen programmes about bodge-it builders and DIY disasters; this is a chance for viewers to see how it should be done and avoid the pitfalls so often associated with the building trade.

Each week our highly-skilled builders will go head to head with each other, pricing up the job and offering their own take on what is needed to complete the task in hand. Once the homeowners pick their favourite builders, the winning team gets to work, whilst the rival teams watch on – giving a cheeky running commentary on their efforts. Expect plenty of banter and friendly competition with real builders, real homeowners and real projects.

Every episode will be packed with warmth and humour, build and design tips, and of course, the makeover reveals viewers love so much.  With more and more of us choosing to upscale our homes rather than move, this series will help viewers to get the best of their builds and home transformations.

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