Village Of The Year

In a country that’s home to thousands of wonderful villages, Penelope Keith sets out to discover which UK village will be crowned the best.

From a shortlist of over 400 applicants, Penelope, and her team of 3 expert judges Alex Langlands, Juliet Sargeant and Patrick Grant travel the country for the very best, and award one village the title Village of the Year.

Penelope and her team of expert judges each visit a village to spend time with the characters who populate local village life. They visit quintessentially British village fetes, scarecrow championships and even World War II festivals. They discover the origins of stunning local architecture and reveal curious rural pastimes, as well as forgotten traditions, bygone skills and home-grown specialities.

Village of the Year is joyous, celebratory, fun and fascinating – but with an added competitive twist. The series will culminate in a grand final where one amazing British village will be crowned Village of the Year.

4 Responses

  1. Why is there so much emphasis on villages in the south of England and little representation from villages in the north of England? Your map is strategically angled on the programme to make the south look much more significant in area than the north. A very geographically unbalanced programme.
    • Hi there Jane - We are working across the country. We started in Wales and the South West of England, then to the block of South England, this week we will be in the Midlands and Northern Ireland, and the following week in the North of England and Scotland.
  2. Wish to purchase Penelope Keith’s Hidden Villages programs on DVD.
    • hi there, all three series of Hidden Villages can be found on Amazon, and Coastal villages will be available in May.

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